5 Reasons to get your kids golfing

5 reasons to get your kids golfing this summer

As the summer holidays hurtle towards us at a colossal rate, your mind may start to wander as you ponder ways of keeping your little ones entertained for 6 weeks. Have you thought about golf? Wait, stay with me! This sport is about more than just keeping grandad out of grandma’s way for a few hours throughout the week. It actually has many benefits, most of which are long term and extend far beyond the boundaries of the golf course.

1.      Etiquette, rules, manners and respect.

Golf has many characteristics that are often lost in today’s ‘must win’ attitude. This sport has certain rules and etiquette that must be adhered to otherwise the appropriate punishment is dished out. It is a gentleman’s sport and therefore teaches children how to play respectfully, loose gracefully and abide by the rules in order to win honourably. All of which are qualities that will prove beneficial in later life.

2.      Communication, socialising and continued social development.

Golf isn’t a solo sport and even allows for an individual to play with different people week in, week out. Interaction with different people encourages younger people to develop social skills. Golfers come in all different shapes and sizes allowing you’re children to appreciate diversity. Plus, golf has a long standing association with business and being able to conduct yourself well on a golf course could open doors in the future.

3.      Health, fitness and enjoyment of the outdoors.

From the 1st tee to the 18th green at Bentham Golf Club, it is approximately a 6 mile walk in clean and fresh Yorkshire Dales air. Time can be spent amongst flora and fauna not call of duty or an army of technical gadgets.

4.      Lifelong hobby

In golf, you’re never too young to learn or too old to play. Our membership at Bentham Golf Club ranges from 6 year olds to 86 year olds which I think is enough support for reason number 4!

 5.      Family Time

Golf spans across the generations and can allow for quality time between children and their parents or grandparents. It is also a hobby they can take forward to teach their children and so on. Families can come together and enjoy time in the clubhouse

 If the above doesn’t quite sell it to you then I think you’d be surprised to hear that it isn’t as expensive as you may think. With coaching available from as little as £2 a session and summer membership ranging from £0 to £65, it may be worth considering as a cost effective form of summer-long entertainment in a safe environment.