An explanation of 9 hole competitions

A word from Super Chris about 9 hole competitions…

There has been some confusion as to how the handicapping works for these 9 hole competitions. Today’s is a non-qualifier so doesn’t make any difference to your handicaps but worth giving everyone all the details as to how this is worked out for future comps when they become qualifying for handicaps (Deep breath).

Image 1 is the official 9 hole qualifying competitions certificate issued to us by England Golf. All of the SSS (Standard Scratch Scores) have been calculated purely based off yardages/stroke indexes off the white and red tees. This is somewhat of a flawed system in my opinion as this doesn’t account for course conditions, wind, hole design etc.

Hole 1-9 for men off the white tees on the scorecard is normally a par 36. As you can see on the certificate England Golf deemed this as too many shots for the length of the 9 holes and as such set the SSS to 35. On the certificate it’s all based off 18 holes hence why it says the par is 72 and the SSS is 70. If you are playing holes 1-9 in the comp then you use the conversion chart seen in image 2. NOTE: These conversion charts are based off exact handicaps! If e.g. you play off 10.6 you actually only receive 4 shots for the 9 holes. If you rounded your handicap up to 11 then you’d receive 5 shots, this would be incorrect obviously.

Hole 10-18 for men off the white tees on the scorecard is normally a par 35. England Golf allocated a SSS of 35 for these holes so you’d use the conversion chart seen in image 3. The par for the ladies front 9 is 36, the SSS is also 36. Where the par and SSS are the same you’ll use the conversion chart in image 3.

Amazingly ladies, the back 9 for you is actually shorter on the scorecard than the front 9. Therefore they have allocated a SSS of only 35 shots, suggesting based off yardages alone that it plays 2 shots easier and as a result you’ll receive less shots.

Annnnnnd exhale! Hopefully that all makes sense. We have no say in the SSS that have been allocated. It’s important to note however that when comps become qualifying that the SSS can change on the day depending on the scoring.

Please come ask us in the pro shop if you have any questions.

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