Members Club Competition Rules

  1. Scheduled competition entries must be made by individuals using the on line booking system prior to the date of the competition
  2. All competitors are responsible for payment of competition entry fees unless the course is closed – booked competitors failure to turn up on the day are still liable for entry fees and may be subject to a discretionary 14 day ban from club competitions by the Competitions Committee
  3. Competition entry money must be paid in the Pros Shop and the competitors name entered onto the competition register before starting the competition. Competitors failing to do so will be excluded from the competition.
  4. A Competition Card must be marked by another Member of the club (Not a guest).
  5. Competitor and marker scores must be completed on each card and the card signed by both the competitor and marker. The completed card must state the competitor’s handicap.
  6. On completion of their round the competitor MUST enter their score on the computer AND. put their card in the competition card box
  7. Unless stated all competitions are to be played from the 1st tee
  8. Competitions are to be played in 2’s or 3’s unless otherwise stated in the Competition rules.
  9. To be eligible to play in Competitions:
  10. Members must have returned at least three complete (excluding nil returns) qualifying scores during the previous year. Inactive/ non-competition handicappers may enter but they will not be eligible to win. The score will go towards activating your handicap.
  11. Members (including new Members) who have not returned the necessary cards in the previous must return at least three complete qualifying scores in the current year.
  12. Intermediates, and juniors are allowed to play in all Competitions
  13. Knockout competition registration must be completed on the respective entry sheets in the main corridor and entry fees paid at time of registration (entry fee must be left in the Competition Box in an envelope with the details of the competitors name, competition and fee enclosed)
  14. Halved Matches and Ties:

Strokeplay:            Ties in strokeplay competition will be decided on the last 9-6-3-2-1 holes with the handicaps applied proportionally. If these are ALL the same, the result shall be declared a Draw.

Matchplay:            All matches ending ‘All Square’ must be played off hole by hole, starting again from the 1st tee, until one side wins a hole (Sudden Death), with handicaps applied appropriately.

Only in extenuating circumstances can the fixture be replayed at another time.

  1. As recommended by CONGU all individual Matchplay should be taking the FULL difference in handicaps.
  2. Knockout matches are to be played from the white or red markers and Matchplay rules will apply, with shots to be taken from the lowest handicap player. Seniors gents may play off the yellows.
  3. Where there is a play-by date for a competition:
  4. It is the responsibility of both/ all players involved to organise the match at the earliest opportunity. No extension to the date will be given for any reason whatsoever, other than unforeseen course closure (at the discretion of the Competitions Committee).
  5. Anyone unable to organise the match must notify the Competitions Committee at least 7 days prior to the play-by-date.
  6. All knockout matches must be booked via the on line booking system



  1. ALL Members must use the on booking system to book their tee times and ensure they confirm their arrival and intention to play via the Pro’s Shop prior to playing
  2. Please note Knockout Matches have priority on the course and it is courtesy to let these matches through.
  3. Should for any unforeseen circumstances a 2 hole gap develop between you and group in front – please let the following group through to maintain the pace of play
  4. Please note in general play you may play with up to 3 other players maximising the tee times available