Local Rules

GROUND UNDER REPAIR: Rule 25-1 : (RELIEF MAY BE TAKEN) any area on the course marked GUR or with white lines; contractors or groundsmen’s workings (inc. tractor/cart ruts); hoof prints; the open ditch to the left of the 5th hole (only applies when playing the 5th hole); drainage works where stones appear on the surface of the ground. Rule 25-1(b)(RELIEF MUST BE TAKEN) staked or guarded trees where the tree interferes with the players stance or swing; areas cut for temporary greens or greens not in use.

IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS (Rule 24-2): all signs including footpath markers; artificial pathways; any part of a bridge beyond the boundary of a water hazard; distance markers; manhole covers; bells and associated framework; sprinkler heads (Refer Appendix 1 / 5 –Rules of Golf); practise net; power poles and stay wires; winter tees.

MOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS (Rule 24-1):  stones in bunkers.

INTEGRAL PARTS OF COURSE: shelters; walls; hedges; fences; stiles.

OUT OF BOUNDS: when a ball comes to rest beyond a boundary wall, fence, hedge or white marker post ; in or beyond the ditch to the left of the 8th hole (NB A ball coming to rest near a white marker post must be played as it lies. If the white marker post is not relevant to the hole being played then it is deemed to be an immovable obstruction)(Rule 24.2); tractor shed; clubhouse; car park; practise putting green.

AERATION HOLES: when a ball comes to rest in an aeration hole on the putting green the player shall place the ball at the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole.

POWER CABLES: a ball striking power cables, poles or support wires MUST be replayed from where the last stroke was played. (Rule 20.5).

LATERAL WATER HAZARD ADJACENT TO 18th GREEN: either play the ball as it lies (Rule 13-4) or UNDER PENALTY OF 1 SHOT play another ball from the spot where the original ball was last played (Rule 20-5), drop ball outside the hazard (Rule 26-1), or drop a ball in the marked dropping zone. (Appendix 1 item 6 dropping zones (page 121) Rules of Golf 2004).

PRACTISE AREA: to the right of the 1st fairway between the boundary hedge and the dip to the side of the 1st fairway (defined by GREEN POSTS). Tee beds on the 1st hole are NOT part of the practise area.