The Informal A-Z: A guideline for Members

A guideline for Members to help answer the frequently asked questions about life as a member at Bentham Golf Club. If the information below doesn’t quite solve your query then please don’t hesitate to contact one of the Club Officials or Isabel Marshall (015242 62455;

Active Handicaps – Please ensure you are clean on the rules in respect of active and inactive handicaps. The information is available from Trevor Dobson or Carole Capstick and individuals are fully responsible for their own handicap at all time.

Club 200 – Open to all member over 18 years old; Contact Graham Haddow for details. Check in the office and on the website for full details of the monthly and annual draws and for your chance to be in it to win it. All monies raised go towards supporting your members club.

Club Knockout Competitions – Fees are to be paid on entry in the office/Pro Shop prior to the draw. All closing dates and match deadlines are to be adhered to at all times. Please ensure that your games are completed in advance of the match deadline to avoid unnecessary disqualification.

Competition Tee Times – For main club competitions, the online booking will open 3 weeks prior to the competition. Any members wishing to play in the pm must book a tee time online as normal and inform the Pro Shop that is for entry into the competition. If you are unable to play due to unforeseen circumstances, then it is your responsibility to find a replacement or you will be changed the entry fee.

County Cards – These are available from the Pro shop for no extra fee. County cards are recognised at over 1300 clubs nationwide and offer you the opportunity to play other courses at a discounted rate. For more information, visit

Diary Dates and Times – Your diary contains all club competitions, matches and social events arrange when published. Please check with the pro, on the website or notice boards for any additional competitions.

Local Rules – Additional or temporary local rules will be displayed on the main competition notice board for members to see and adhere to.

Member’s Committee – Members who have any issues or concerns, please raise them with the captain who will bring them to the attention of the Members Committee to be actioned.

Member’s Golf Insurance – All playing Members are responsible for their own golf insurance.

Open Entry Fees – Members qualify for a 20% reduction in individual entry fees for all club Opens.

Tee Times – Members are reminded to book their tee times online or through the Pro Shop in advance. It is necessary to sign in before playing the courses so the Pro Shop knows who is on the course.

Visiting Parties – Please note any visiting parties listed in the diary are booked prior to publication. It is recommended that you still check tee availability in the Pro shop, online or on the information board outside The Bunker to avoid disappointment.

Volunteers – Your Member’s Club and Committee are all volunteers – Help and support is essential to the success of your club.


The Etiquette of golf

The attention of ALL golfers and especially beginners is to be drawn the following unwritten laws, the strict observance of which marks the experienced golfer and add to the pleasure of all on the course.

If a player neglects these duties they unfairly penalise those who play after them, and in some cases with them. That player should be reported to the Captain or Lady Captain for additional guidance.

  • If a match fails to keep its place on the course and loses more than one hole on the players in front, this match must allow the following match to play through – Please keep up with the game in front at all times.
  • No one should stand close to or directly behind the ball, move or talk when a player is making a stroke. On the putting green no-one should stand beyond the hole in the line of a player’s stroke or walk over a player’s putting line.
  • The player who has the honour should be allowed to play before his opponent tees their ball.
  • Players who have holed out should not try their putts over again, or mark their cards by the green. This delays play for those behind them.
  • Turf cut or displaced i.e. divots on the course must be replaced by the player and pressed down with the foot. On the tee, sand should be spread over the open soil from the sand boxes on the tee bed to cover the divot.
  • Pitch marks on greens must be repaired immediately.
  • Knockout match play games have priority on the course. Please allow these matches to play through non-competition games.
  • Players are asked to comply with a simple dress code: if you have come to play golf, please dress for golf.


Please observe simple courtesy to all fellow golfers.