Tom Guy Trophy

What is the Tom Guy Trophy? tom-guy-trophy

The Tom Guy Trophy is a Friday Night League played over a 6 month period (one per month). Tee times will be available throughout the day but the main tee times will be between 5pm – 6pm. It is designed to be sociable but competitive club event where member’s families are also invited to join in the evening activities. Following the golf and food in the evening, a variety of after dinner activities will ensue such as quizzes or a beetle drive. We felt having a social but serious competition, in Tom’s name was an appropriate way to remember a man who was such a part of the social aspect of this club, for so many years; an aspect that we are hoping to reignite.

 When is it on?

Friday 7th April – Friday 12th May – Friday 9th June – Friday 14th July – Friday 4th August – FINAL ROUND: Sunday 17th September

 Who can enter?

The Tom Guy Trophy is for Full and Associate Members. Flexible Members can enter the individual monthly competitions but they will not be eligible to win the trophy as a whole. They can however win the individual prizes for each of the monthly competitions. Nick will be responsible for ascertaining a handicap for flexible members who wish to compete.

What will the format be?

The format will always be Stableford, full handicap allowance. It is a 9-hole competition.

 How can I enter?

As with all club competitions, sign up in the golfers corridor for a tee time. For a tee time during the day, please book this in the pro shop PRIOR to the event and sign in on arrival. For a tee time in the evening, please sign up on the sheet displayed in the Golfers corridor.

How can I win?

The Tom Guy Trophy is a 6 event competition run from April to September. To win the overall trophy you must have an active handicap and compete in at least 4 of the competitions. If you compete in all 6 then your best 4 scores will be taken into account for the league table.

There will also be ‘on the day’ prizes, available to be won by any member that enters, including flexible members or those without a formal handicap. We want all members to be able to participate and emphasise the social element of this competition!

How much will it cost?

Entry will be £3 per person plus an optional £1 for the twos competition.

What do I get for my entry fee?

Your entry fee goes directly back to the prize pot. Food will also be provided on the evening for no extra cost to people playing in the competition.

 What do I do if I don’t have a handicap?

Ask Nick in the Pro Shop on the day before the competition so he can issue you with a temporary handicap. This cannot be used for any other competitions. We would ideally like you to use this to work towards obtaining a formal handicap and competition in all club competitions.

Can my family join me after?

Yes! Of course in fact we actively encourage this! If you want them to join for food then this is not a problem either, it’s £3 a head for the food.